How to earn $200-$300 per month with one site/app

Hello everyone!

After a while we decided to go back to the blog and this time share with all of you how we managed to earn between $200 to $300 per month. Yes!! Monthly!!

We were able to make this value ($ 200 to $ 300) with just one app. The app is called Super Pop Quiz and belongs to the American website EarnHoney. We get to know this site through videos from Youtube. We advise you to register with your paypal email since the site automatically associates your registration email with the paypal email, not being able to modify later. What you can do if you have registered with another email, is to add this email to your existing paypal account.



On this site you can make money in several ways:

  1. View Videos
  2. Make offers
  3. Give your opinion
  4. Play games

All this works perfectly for the American population, the same does not happen with the countries of Europe and other continents :( However, a new app associated with the site, called Super Pop Quiz has appeared. And we can use it and make points through Super Pop Quiz is a general culture quiz, all you have to do is answer the questions and earn points like that.


Note: You have to use the same account you use on the EarnHoney site, only then you can send your points.


100 points = 1HD$

Once you have at least 100 points you can transfer it to the site by clicking here:


Update the site and you can see your earnings coming up.

This app is passive, that is, it automatically passes the questions without having to answer. Unfortunately we (Portuguese people) do not earn points like this, we only win them if we answer the questions. While the Americans just have to leave attached the app, and they are gaining the points without doing anything.

The good part of this is that you can install the app on 3 devices, so you triple the points !! You can make $ 1 an hour on average with 3 devices, so it takes 10h to make $ 10. It all depends on you, and on your patience ahahah yes it takes a lot of patience !!

Note: Only 3 devices can be used !! Always use the same account, as only one account per house is allowed.

You can convert the HD $ into:

  • Amazon ($ 2; $ 5; $ 10; $ 25)
  • Paypal ($ 5 and $ 25)
  • Unverified Paypal ($ 5)
  • Visa ($ 5, $ 10, $ 25)
  • Charity Donations

Payments are made every Monday and Friday.




Payment Proof:

pagamentos earnhoney

pagamentos earnhoney1



If you have any questions you can contact us through:

Or leave your questions in the comments, we will reply as soon as possible !!

Good winnings !!


Cris and Carol,

Blog das Gémeas